Friday, May 14, 2010

Tempest Keep: Flexibility

I convinced some of the guildies to do some of the level 70 dungeons with Aioka. Takk, Penguin, Sen, and Ann carted my little priesty through The Botanica, The Mechanar, and The Arcatraz. And I think we had a lot of fun doing it.

But then... I especially enjoy it because I can still get gear there that is beneficial for Aioka. Everyone else is there for achievements and because they love me. (I am the lootmaster, after all.)

I'd still like to finish up Steamvault and The Black Morass, but there's plenty of time yet. I'd also like to see Karazhan and the Black Temple, but these are places that even Mara hasn't defeated. Of course, we've only attempted Black Temple and that only with pug groups. I'm sure it would be much easier if we were to do a guild run of them.

The guildies have also been awesome about running the Wrath dungeons with Aioka. It's pretty hilarious to watch Takk roflstomp his way through Utgarde Keep. And it's cool that no ones been a jerk about it yet.

A lot of groups ask: "Are you here on purpose?"

They just have to point to me and everyone understands.

One of these days I will be brave enough to venture into a Wrath dungeon without a guildie. I think.

I switched Aioka's mining profession for jewelcrafting. This was always going to be the plan, but I had originally planned on farming a lot more ore of all kinds. But I got bored and impatient and I didn't want to wait to make the switch anymore. I have been stocking up on ore, bars, and gems for months.

Leveling Aioka's jewelcrafting to Northrend standards took a couple hours and several hundred gold. I think it will be worth it though. If Militia's paladin is going to be missing, that leaves Ann as the only jewelcrafter until Aioka's skill actually becomes useful.

In response to all the confusion with Militia's alts moving around willy-nilly, we've asked everyone in Memento to declare who they want to be their main raiding character and primary role. Apparently there was even some confusion with Aioka. I'm not planning on switching my main. Even though playing a priest is tons of fun, I revel in being an EVIL warlock.

I'm sure Aioka will see some raid action though. And all that's really important is being useful to the guild and making fun and awesome raids happen. Whether I can make that happen by draining the souls of my enemies or by dps'ing health bars in reverse, I'm totally up for it.


  1. Morderepengu is also a Jewelcrafter :P

  2. Lol. If he ever posted on the guild forums I might have known that. :p