Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ICC, GS, and some stuff

Gearscore is not something that Memento generally puts any stock in.

Yes, gear is important but it's only a indicator as to what a character can do. A full T10 warlock can mop the dps floor with a lot of people. But if the player has no idea what they're doing, a T9 caster of any sort may do as well or better.

But, in perfect honesty, Memento doesn't really care about gear or skill so long as the boss gets dead. Noobraid has always been about having fun and seeing new shinies.

Before today I couldn't have told you what my gs is. I finally trooped over to wtfismygearscore and found out. It's 5190 at this precise moment in time. And I have to confess, I don't even know if that's considered "good" or not.

Slightly more concerning might be my lack of knowledge about my own DPS. Last week a couple guildies and I tried to hop a TOTGC/TOC-25. I told the guy I had three dps interested in going, if he had the spots open. He said 'sure, what's your GS and DPS?'. And, having been nicely sheltered by Memento, I went 'uh........... I have no idea what my GS is. My guild doesn't use it.' And the guy, despite being unable to type a full word correctly, said 'lol, whatev, what's your DPS numbers?'

And in my head I'm still going 'uh..............'. Because I don't honestly know. I'm used to happily traipsing through ICC and paying just enough attention to the meters to make sure I'm not at the bottom of the caster dps list. Or, at the very least, I'm not at the bottom by a very large margin.

Sometimes I look at the recount meter and just go 'oh melee, why must you crush my hopes and dreams?' Because they can lol-9k dps on Marrowgar while the casters sulk around 5k.

So on last night's ICC run I tried to pay a little bit more attention to actual numbers on the meters. On a good AoE pull, I can hit 16k. This totally blew my mind, it was awesome. Seed of Corruption ftw. On a single target pull, I fall somewhere between 4.1k and 5.1k. Although, I should try to find out what my single target is when I'm actually hitting my rotation right.

I frequently forget to hit Life Tap at the beginning of fights. And I frequently refresh Curse of Agony when I shouldn't. It's completely accidental, but that doesn't stop it from happening.

ICC last night had a few more pugs than usual. Es has dropped the late night runs completely; work being too much suck to stay up until 1 am. Takk has some sad computer issues and Dumm had something else to deal with.

Still. We pugged an excellent group that didn't wipe on stuff and didn't need the Saurfang fight explained and who are mostly willing to come back on Thursday and tackle Rotface. Batra got several decent upgrades out of the drops. Casters were left high and dry by the 3rd or 4th Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff in as many weeks. Ann already has it, I'm perfectly happy with my Frost Needle/Chalice combo, and Sen is rocking Quel'Delar.

We had an epic server crash which attacked during the Lady Deathwhisper fight. Put us out for about 20 minutes and accounted for our only death last night.

I love groups that work well together. We had to switch up some stuff after the server crash, but everything continued to go smoothly.

We're working our way up to adding an afternoon raid slot for the peeps that get up early for work. In all honestly, I think we're still too small to pull this off. But I hope to be proven wrong.


  1. Gearscores in the 5000's are nice. When you start reaching all ilvl 264 gear, your gearscore hits the 6000's.

    I use gearscores in my random heroics so I can get an idea of what the tank's threat generation will be like, how strong the healer should be, and what dps to look out for (if for some reason I'm tanking).

    Why is it that most melee beats most ranged in the Marrowgar fight? Maybe my ranged guildees are average but I have to chase the boss while ranged just has to stay out of the fire as they continue to blast away.

  2. I suspect it might be a unique property of Noobraid. In general, the melee stay on Marrowgar the entire fight. The caster group switches to the Bone Spikes whenever they appear and then tends to run around willy-nilly during Bonestorm. And, being Noobraid, getting back into position after a Bonestorm is like taking a test we haven't studied for.

  3. lol, that's funny.
    Question, do you all stand together inside his hitbox during phase 1(except for the hunters)? In 10's and 25's, the splash aoe is now enough to get people off the spikes.