Friday, June 4, 2010

A Week of Awesome

Memento had quite an interesting week this past week. A week made of awesome, in my opinion. A long week, mayhap, so here are some wall breakers:

I. Tuesday
II. Wednesday
III. Thursday

I. Tuesday

On Tuesday we tackled ICC-10 as is our modus operandi. Our attempt to institute a day time raid earlier in the afternoon flopped horribly, so we started the night with Takk's alt and everyone else had their main raiders. We pugged the necessary extras and got down to business.

This is, in fact, our primary raid healer of complete awesome Time snuggling with one of our pugs. Pure win.

Business on Tuesday included downing the first six bosses instead of the usual four. That's right. Memento went in there, kicked ass, and took names from Rotface and Festergut in addition to the first four bosses.

I'll bet you can't guess what we found in the chest after Deathbringer Saurfang. Go on, guess. Yeah, the fourth or fifth Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff. Where is the love?

And, while had some issues with the spores on Festergut (who doesn't?), things went fairly smoothly. Batra bailed on us 15 minutes before raid was scheduled to end. Which also happened to be right before we were supposed to take on Rotface. Needless to say, our raid leader was pretty upset. But the significant other of one our pugs was willing to come in for just the one fight, despite getting saved to a raid that was probably not going to be continued.

We went in and one-shot Rotface no problem. Raid even ended on time.

II. Wednesday

I don't know about other servers, but Hydraxis has this neato chat channel that I will call DAY in case its supposed to be a secret. Or, at least, in case it supposed to be invitation-only or some other such nonsense.

Anyway, once you've joined the channel, anyone pugging groups during the day can start there to find some talented and eager to raid players.

On Hydraxis, DAY runs ICC-25 on Wednesday afternoons. The rules are simple. If you go, you commit to being there the entire time. Anyone who leaves without warning will not be invited back. The loot system is a basic plus-one, main-spec deal common to a lot of pugs and guilds alike.

25-man raids are certainly an interesting experience for someone who is more or less sworn to 10-mans. I enjoy them, but I find them absolutely exhausting. Frequently there is just TOO MUCH stuff going on.

Still, it was fun and I got a new neck piece on my first run. That right there is enough to get me to go back next Wednesday. It has also helped with an influx of frosties as DAY usually manages to tackle the first six bosses as well. I am just a smidge away from my t10 bonus and more hit than I currently need. I've been running mostly affliction, but with the increase of hit on my gear I will well and truly be able to switch to demonology whenever I feel like it.

III. Thursday

When I said that Memento doesn't generally put stock in GS... it may have been more accurate to say that some members of Memento actively hate GS. Prompted entirely, I would bet, by the "You must have X gs to join our raid" tells that have plagued the pug groups on Hydraxis. I know other servers have this problem as well.

So, Thursday we were taking it easy. Weekly and VoA and frosties for all.

When Mord went off to pug the empty slots he deliberately looked for some less geared players. This may be counter-intuitive for some, but we found that it really just didn't matter. We didn't struggle with Toravon any more than we usually do. He did, perhaps, drop crap gear just to spite out attempts to help under-geared players get free tier pieces. Hmm.

Our weekly was Razorscale. Despite being only 5/12 in Ulduar, I think Memento just always has a great time going in there. There's something about Ulduar that is just so... epic. One of our under-geared pugs got upgrades off of both Flame Leviathan and Razorscale.

And everyone else got Nuked from Orbit and 5 frosties for their efforts.

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