Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farming ICC

This is an interesting position to be in. I don't think I ever thought I would be in a position to farm raid bosses (any of them), let alone those in the most recent raid. But that's essentially what Memento is doing right now. We skip off to ICC every Tuesday night, wipe out the Lower Spire, and then (usually) stop.

This has been good for loot. Not so good for progression.

Last night's ICC run went pretty well, all things considered. Batra opted not to come and Es bowed out early again... because they have real jobs and they... like... get tired and stuff.

But that's ok, because we got to play with a hunter friend that we also pugged last week and a shaman that was looking for a casual raiding guild. I think you can guess what happened. Memento gained a new member! Huzzah!

Red is a healy type Shaman and I would have had concerns about how this would affect our healing team - Time (druid) and Voltz (shaman) - except that Militia/Voltz decided to pull all of his characters out of the guild. Except a deathknight. And this done with no warning or discussion.

Ann and I are a little... perturbed... to say the least.

After a bit more investigation, however, I noticed that... while Militia changed guilds on all of his characters they're now in a guild with... themselves. I imagine guild chat is not particularly interesting. Regardless, the fact that he didn't tell us beforehand or come to raid last night tells that some role and/or leader rearranging may be in order.

There's been some discussion about changing some raid times or adding a raid night and some stuff. Ann is heading that project up at the moment, which is just fine with me.

I have been spending a great deal of free time with my priest. Aioka has moved on to the Wrath dungeons - she has emblems of Triumph! I'm so proud.

I still want to go back and do the level 70 BC dungeons. I've never done them and they look so interesting. I tried to queue for one with Aioka and ended up waiting for a tank for an hour and a half. It was quite ridiculous. I'll try and get the guildies to go.

So far all I have gotten is Utgarde Keep, even though it, Nexus, and Azjol-Nerub are all open to Aioka. This "random" thing really gets me. At least they're not pretending to give me satchels of "helpful" goods anymore.

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