Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raiding in Slow Motion

As I mentioned, a good portion of Memento is part of the college set and we're all finished with classes for the moment. So, we're trying to build on the rhythm we've established over the past several weeks with one Progression Night and one Yay-Guild Night. Tuesday nights will be our ICC 10-man runs and Thursdays will be Vault and Weekly and more ICC if we feel so inclined.

This is to (hopefully) benefit the members of Memento who can't guarantee that they will be available two nights a week. Tuesday night is the one to show up for if you want to see new content (as new a content as Memento can see - which I suppose may not be all that new anymore) and Thursday night is the one to show up for if you want frosties and a chance at T10 drops. But if you want warlock cookies, summons, and soulstones you have to show up for both.

Kidding, of course.

Last night's run was, as stated, an ICC 10-man run. It had it's ups and downs, of course, though it had NEW ups and downs that we hadn't experienced before.

* We managed an ALL GUILD raid. That's right. All 10 raid-ready players were available and eager to beat up on some scourge.

* We ventured beyond the first four bosses! And I say "ventured" because that sums it up nicely.

* Fat caster loot dropped in the form of Midnight Sun for me and the Mag'hari Chieftan's Staff for Ann. And yes, yes, I know the dagger is a healer weapon. The lack of hit could be a problem for me. But it has 107 more spell power on it. I can't ignore that.

* We can pug just about any class and spec we want. Enough members of the guild have high level alts that they can switch to cover any gap left by a (lack of) pug.

* We did not wipe on Saurfang. We have officially killed each of the four bosses in one try, if not necessarily all on the same night.

* Es had to bail right before Lady Deathwhisper, leaving us one short. We had to pug the last spot. Sad.

* Said puggee/situation led to us WIPING on Lady Deathwhisper. Even more sad. Then, tank assignments went out again because it might have been simply a miscommunication error. But, puggee didn't respond... ever. So we kicked him. Then he responded. In true pug/drama-queen fashion.

* Raid was slow as hell. Waiting for a decent pug after Es left took forever. We start at 10 pm (well, we try to start at 10, but this rarely works out) and it was easily 11:30 before Deathwhisper went down.

* We wiped spectacularly on Festergut.

Now, this last bullet maybe shouldn't necessarily be considered a down. Because, getting to see Festergut is quite an achievement for noobraid, I think. Getting Festergut down below half his HP is an even bigger achievement. We also only made two attempts because it was then 1:00 am and some of us (by which I mean me) have to work early in the morning.

Batra was back on last night with his shiny new DPS spec. He's been missing out on gear for awhile, but hopefully he will be working on that. I don't think he did terribly, overall. His DPS sat around 3k and he didn't do anything monumentally stupid until Festergut. And since none of us know that fight, that's to be expected. He did, however, annoy the crap out of me with those Mohawk things.

Speaking of monumentally stupid and Festergut, I'm pretty sure I wiped our first attempt. I took out all three of us that were standing at range with the Vomit debuff nonsense. This fight is gross.

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