Friday, April 30, 2010

Moar Sanity Pls

Good news: The semester is over and I have two whole weeks off from school-type douchbaggery.

Bad news: Memento's main hunter, Es, has now seen more ICC than the rest of us. He pugged a group last night that downed Rotface in addition to the first four bosses the rest of us are used to seeing.

I believe this is his vengeance for missing our ICC runs the past two weeks. I, too, missed the guild ICC run this week due to stupidity computer issues. I got too used to plug-and-play awesomeness that I neglected to update my motherboard drivers. Which means my motherboard pretty much had fits when I introduced it to a shiny new graphics card.

To answer your question, Alerexis, I have no idea when we are going to try other bosses. Hopefully next week. Some of our engineers still have a big project to finish up, but we should all be available for some real ICC head-banging in the next two weeks, if nothing else.


Last night we pugged a tank and healer for 10-man TOTC. There was a movement towards an 25-man run that got shot down. After more than 10 people had been invited. Our bad. Poor communication. Lack of leadership. Whatevs.

Dumm said he wasn't interested in a 25 man run and I said that I wouldn't consider 25 mans to be guild progression (because there would more not-guildies than guildies). So we regrouped, pugged the 10-man and trouped off to the Renaissance Fair. (Go back and read this if the Renaissance Fair bit doesn't make sense. I haven't been able to think of the Argent Tournament as anything else since I read it.)

So... interesting turnout in TOTC. Dumm got paired up with another warrior tank. And Penguin pally healed with a Shaman. Militia's shaman got to dps. The rest of us melted faces. There's some stuff about the end of TOTC being a surprise. So if you're in the one other guild that hadn't done it yet, don't read this entire post. It's a spoiler.

We wiped rather spectacularly on the two Jormungars the very first time. The second time I get the poison and run to the wrong tank (Dumm had the fire). I died. The Jormungar went down, but not without a fight. Militia and I formed the Elitist's Dead People Society. How the other 6 or so people pull off Icehowl, I have no idea. But they do. Rezzes and cookies all around.

Jaraxxus. We eat it a second time. The adds got tanked... by Senach and I. Sen died. I flipped out, but luckily Dumm was on his way to pick up the Mistress of Pain who happened to be especially interested in what I was doing. Our pug shaman eats some green fire. Infernals run rampant. We die.

And my thought is: "This is a group that supposed to be able to handle the Faction Champions? We're DOOMED."

Funny thing, though. We weren't. After all our trouble with the Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus, the Faction Champs go off with barely a hitch.

I did discover that I have no room in my UI for all the buttons I want to push in a PVP fight. I created another bar with some PVP-only things on it. Like Curse of Tongues - which I thought might be particularly useful on their healers. Some DoTs and Fears made the bar.

Then I found out, when it came time to focus on one target at a time... I couldn't find my normal spells. /facepalm

Anyway, the mages keep some of the more obnoxious folks sheeped. Militia's enhancement shaman is on interruption duty with the paladin, as is my felhunter. I'm cursing and fearing and dps'ing on the main target. I am not, for the most part, DoTing. Because I was afraid my own spastic OMG-PVP retardness would lead me to DoT a sheep target and that would have been a terrible, terrible thing.

And we SUCCEED. On the FIRST TRY. It was a miracle folks, a miracle.

Not only that, but we also succeeded at killing the Twin Valkyrie. On the first try.

Not only that, but we also succeeded at killing Anub'Arak. On the first try.

But that's getting ahead of the story.

Nothing interesting as far as the Valkyrie were concerned. We got the speed kill though, which was sweet. Then we're all kinda staring around. I see the Path of Frost animation go off. And its curious... because I remember Ann saying something about the end of TOTC, but I don't remember needing to walk on water being part of it.

And as the ground DISAPPEARS I remember. And I try - I try frantically - to click off the Path of Frost buff. To no avail. We splat. All of us except Militia and Senach, if I remember correctly. Sound suspicious? It should. Militia put Takk up to it and warned the mages. But not me.

I thought we were in an Elitist Society, Mil? What gives?

Of course, there's a bit of complaining. Takk disappears on us, even though it was Militia's fault, and does not reappear. So Time - our new and awesome Healer/Tank/DPS - popped in as a DPS for the last boss of TOTC.

Like I said, we succeeded. There wasn't much in terms of fat loots. There were some hit boots that Sen and I discussed a bit. Sandals of the Silver Magus vs. the Prelate's Snowshoes.

I got an upgrade! Having a dual-spec in Affliction and Demonology means I run into some issues with the hit cap. The issue being that the hit cap is staggeringly different for Affliction than Demonology. So... if I'm running Affl, I'm severely over the hitcap. If I'm running Demo, I'm just barely flirting with the cap.

My upgrade, thus, was an off-hand that allows to me put away a ridiculously hit-laden staff when running Affliction. Chalice of Benedictus. Shiny, amirite?

Final note: as mentioned, we have another new member in Memento Mori. Time recently reactivated his account and was looking for more laid back raiding environment, which hopefully Memento can continue to provide. He brings us a druid healer, a warrior, and a paladin. Thus far, he has proven to be a valuable addition.

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