Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Road Block

So, yes, it's been awhile since the last post. Both school and work are DPS'ing me in the face. This will probably not change in the next few weeks, but I will endeavor to dedicate more time to here. Especially since so many interesting things are going on right now.

Memento Mori, over the past several weeks, has:
* Gained and lost not one, but two priests.
* Road Blocked themselves in not one, but two different raids.
* Given up on the idea of Sunday evening being in any way related to the guild.
* Not been on time for anything.

Wow, that wasn't meant to sound all bad. Memento also has:
* Had tons of AWESOME FUN just doing our noobraid thing.

So, our raid healer Sess has gained some serious real life aggro and is unable to meet our raid times at the moment. Pengu has been doing the bulk of the healing now (literally), as a truly awesometastic Pally Healer. I have been working on my priest, whenever I have time. I would really like to try raid healing, I think.

We've been pugging healers and any other blank spots for our raids. VoA has become a standard part of the week. Nothing interesting has dropped since our first run, though. The second week, the same dbag shaman from our Ulduar pug was mistakenly invited back. I was really impressed, actually. He didn't say anything the entire time. At least, that's what I thought until I remembered I had put him on my ignore list. Still, it was overall a short, painless run.

Anyway. Our Road Blocks. Or: Beating Your Head Against a Brick Wall, the Intermediate Version.

In lovely Ulduar, Memento has successfully downed five bosses with a combination of Pengu single-healing and moronic pug healers. Yay, us! We have gone on to wipe repeatedly against the Assembly of Iron, Auriaya, and Hodir.

Some times its poor strategy, some times its lack of communication, some times its just a matter of people standing in too much BAD and not enough GOOD.

And I'm sure it doesn't help that my learning curve, at least, has been an average of three or four fights before I really know what's happening. And even then, I can't say that my situational awareness is all it should be.

While this is frustrating, of course, nothing quite beats the adrenaline and rush of triumph you experience when you DO kill that annoyingly huge dude with the big arms for the first time. (Although, I swear, I got attacked by those stupid eye beams SIX times in a ROW.)

This, Militia assures us, is the essence of raid progression. And really, if you never have any problems can you really say you're learning? If you never struggle, can you get the same rush of "We're so badass" when you succeed? I think not.

Same story in Trial of the Crusader. Some minor issues with the Northrend Beasts. "OMG, I have Burning Bile, where do I go?" ... Yeah, that would be me. I think some other people probably had trouble with that too. Our pugs certainly didn't have any idea what was going on.

Regardless, we survived the Jormungars and the Wendigo and Lord Jaraxxus. Then come the Faction Champions. Oh, them. I hate them. And I hate PVP to begin with. So anything that smacks of PVP breaking into my neat little PVE world is AWFUL.

Which is why PVP is probably going to end my dreams of What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been.

WTB shorter cooldown on Death Coil, pls.


  1. You're funny. Keep writing, please.

  2. Can I have my Death Coil do what your death coil does? I'd be happy at that. ^^

  3. @ Alerexis
    Thank you very much! Keep reading, please. :)

    @ Takk
    No. :p That's my Death Coil and I'm not sharing.

    Thank you for the comments! You made my day.