Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patch Comments

Immolate: The damage-over-time component of this spell can now produce critical strikes.

Life Tap: This spell no longer scales with spirit, and instead scales with spell power.

Talents - Affliction
Dark Pact: This ability no longer requires line-of-sight with the summoned demon, and the range has been increased from 30 yards to 100 yards.

Talents - Demonology
Demonic Pact: This effect now has a 45-second duration, up from 12 seconds, and a 20-second internal cooldown.

There's some interesting stuff happening in the most recent patch. The important thing for warlocks (and perhaps casters in general) to note is that Life Tap no longer scales with spirit.

This is good news in that the warlock T10 set is completely devoid of spirit. This is ... iffy news in that all the spirit on my gear now solely exists for Fel Armor and Glyph of Life Tap.

It's implications reach farther than that, however. It seems to me that this is a significant step towards "no more spirit for non-healers". I'm starting get very excited about the ways in which Cataclysm will affect game play. Not needing spirit will probably only be a drop in the bucket.

Although I find it interesting, I'm also a bit annoyed. Sure, it may not have changed yet. But what will be our new go-to gem for filling those obnoxious blue sockets? If not Purified Dreadstones, then what? I think the Glowing Dreadstone may be a good bet (for warlocks, at least). But the Timeless Eye of Zul, Forceful Eye of Zul, and Vivid Eye of Zul provide some food for thought. I know. Its a topsy-turvy world when green gems start to look interesting.

Over at Memento, our recruitment posts won us another member. Dumm brings us a warrior tank. With Batra on hiatus, it's definitely nice to know that our tank slots won't suffer. We're tackling Ulduar again tomorrow night. With Dumm in our ranks we will either pug a dps or 9-man it.

Also, a priest has shown some interest in our small guild. We may be able to call our 10-man roster complete soon. Excited? You bet I am. However, I'm starting to think I use that word too often. I am... eager? That could work.


  1. The posts, they have stopped indeed. Priesty mc priestalot has not shown. I am excited about Cata, and wonder if we'll be able to raid in it woo all new fights and stuffs

  2. Priesty Mc Priestalot be no more. Raiding with no raid healers is.... interesting. O.o