Monday, March 22, 2010


There's been a lot going on, both with Marariel specifically and with Memento.

First, our recruitment posts netted us a new healer. We were very much excited to welcome Shomoru aboard. He's a druid and, despite some crappy internet issues, has been quite the addition.

The negative side (there is always one) is that Shomoru is not available to raid on Tuesday nights. So instead of having Tuesday progression nights and Sunday goofing around time we decided to switch to Thursday progression nights and Tuesday goofing around time. Makes my schedule on Fridays a little less fun, but I will live with it.

Mara abandoned her Destro spec in favor of the currently higher dps Affliction spec. I've been pleasantly surprised by how much fun it's been. Plus, I missed my felpuppy. It's been good to have him back. Competing with Sen (stupid arcane DPS god) upon occasion has been well worth it as well.

Sen, Pengu, and I also hopped a ICC run this week. We had to leave after two bosses, but it was still totally awesome. It always makes me happy to be doing something that some of the other members of the guild say "we don't have high enough dps for that."

Tuesday we did OS, Onyxia, and Vault of Archavon. All totally awesome. Batra tanked OS for us, and I thought he did remarkably well. VoA had a particularly happy surprise for me: Gloves of Future Awesome. I'm a few scant frosties away from 2pcT10 and I am unreasonably excited.

Thursday was a little less awesome. We started our progression of Ulduar. But Shomoru had so much suck internet that we ended up pugging two healers. Worst idea ever. One of the healers I had seen in a previous pug raid. He's a complete jerk and the guy he brought with him wasn't much better. It didn't really make for such a fun night.

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