Friday, April 9, 2010

What Road Block?

Last nights Progression run was so full of WIN it's hard to describe. Rather than beat our heads against the wall in either Ulduar or TotC, we took our noobraid on a field trip to ICC.

After the weekly, of course, which was Noth the Plaguebringer. I only mention this because it's really awesome, being able to go "Oh, Naxx? Yeah, we can get that done in about 10 minutes." And have it be true. Ann and I didn't even remember to flask before the fight and we still downed him before he could teleport. Being over-geared is not something I ever really expected to experience, without taking my lock over to the pre-Outland dungeons.

So, ICC. We pug the blank spots: 1 tank, 1 healer, and 1 dps. We get a very decent group. The other healer was a Disc Priest, which some of our "Disc is not for Raid Heals" people didn't think would go well with our Holy Pally. I thought it went quite well, but I'm not on that end of things on my warlock. It was interesting to see what Penance looks like from the receiving end.

Our tank, Dumm, is definitely made of awesome. We're all new to this, of course, but he picks up on everything so quickly. He keeps us squishies from dieing in horrible ways. He's opening up a little in gchat and such. I'm sure the rest of us are pretty scary, though.

*Lord Marrowgar:
This was my second time fighting Marrowgar. My first time with the knowledge that "Hey, Bone Spikes are BAD".

Militia and Pengu were both trying to explain how to not die in Bonestorm which involved going left at one point and right at another. So, naturally, when the first Bonestorm arrives I'm standing there going "Which way is left?"

I survived, though. Whew.

*Lady Deathwhisper:
Also my second time fighting Deathwhisper. I remembered this fight quite well. Or, I thought I did.

Well. After the first wave of adds, all of the dps were just kinda standing around. I was expecting a second, insta-wave. It wasn't until the second wave actually showed up that Pengu reminded us that we should be attacking the giant bubble around Deathwhisper between add phases. Oops.

*Gunship Battle
My first time on the Gunship. I spent the fight dead. And no, I have no idea what happened.

*Deathbringer Saurfang
Militia assigned all the range folks their positions for the fight. Sen and I on one side, Ann and Militia(on his hunter) on the other. So each side could take out their respective Blood Beast. And try to keep it from nomming on the healers. Emphasis on try.

Our first attempt went pretty well. We got him down to below 25% health. Then things kinda went nuts with the Blood Beasts. Someone died on the other side, so Sen was trying to Slow one and Frost Nova the other and we were both trying to dps them down. This was ok until one got Frost Nova'd right in front of one of the healers.

The second attempt was much better. We succeeded, which is always an improvement on not succeeding. Sen and I switched a few things up in an attempt to make the Blood Beasts hate us faster.

And now that I'm thinking about it, I have no idea what tanks, melee, and healers get up to during boss fights. Apart from tanking, healing, and melee dps'ing, of course. I know there's some stuff where the tanks taunt off each other, but that doesn't have any real meaning for me as the only tank I've played is a level 33. And I know there were Bubbles and Penances and Holy Beam of Righteous Light or whatever Holy Pallies have flying around everywhere. And I also know Takk and the pug-rogue were up there beating Sarufang about the face. (While doing more dps than me. Sigh.)

I was very much "in the zone" in which I do everything I can to keep DoTs rolling on Saurfang and kill Blood Beasts quickly and without getting eaten. I had a blast.

So, with the first wing down Memento now has THREE raids in which we can attempt to progress. And, really, I thought ICC was going be Beating Your Head Against a Brick Wall, Hardmode but its... not. Yet.


  1. yay, lacking road blocks now. Now to just figure out how to do it with only guildies

  2. I'm not sure if we lost our road blocks or if we just gained a new one. I guess we'll find out tonight!