Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, that quote "You learn something new everyday" is completely true. I've learned lots. I've learned I totally suck at being a Destruction warlock. I've learned that, even though Tailors make some of the most totally badass gear for casters, it takes weeeeeks to get the materials on your own. I've learned that grouping with an Arcane mage is really bad for your ego.

I've learned that, no matter how many times you hit the "Vote to Kick" button it still won't work within the first 15 minutes of a dungeon. (I already knew this, but it was never an issue until we grouped with a really terrible tank and healer on the same run.)

Also, my UI blows. Its way too crowded and complicated. I need to find some methods for simplifying things. I've seen some nice looking ones, but no explanations on how to achieve that. Some research at Curse has given me some nice leads, however.

Established what I hope is a decent compromise for guild night. Sundays, from 8-11, is going to be for running dungeons and eventually raiding. Tuesdays, from 10-12, is going to be just for socializing and hanging out. Possibly for helping the lower level members if they need us.

Got a very nice gear upgrade last night. Skipped the whole list business and went straight in to buying my T9 chest piece with my Emblems of Triumph. It was everything I dreamed it could be.

Next thing I'm hoping to upgrade is my wand.

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