Tuesday, January 19, 2010


First week of having "official" guild nights... not so amazing. To be perfectly honest, social night (Tuesdays, 9-12) was sent up for a particular friend that lives out-of-state. She was a no-show Tuesday night, but I found out her computer is dead. She won't be back for 2-4 weeks, le sigh. But one of our Council decided not to show either. And told us Sunday that he didn't know there was a meeting, though it's been posted in the Guild Message for awhile now.

Sunday was pretty gimpy too. 3 people showed up around 8. Others trickled in over the next 2 hours. We ended up running some heroics, in which no gear upgrades dropped. Batra tanked for Ann, Takk, and I through heroic Occulus. We were using the random dungeon finder. Two healers bailed on us right in a row because they kept getting attacked by whelps. I think it was Takk's first lesson in off-tanking.

One of Ann's friends rejoined our server. He may take over the main tank position, which I believe relegates Batra to off-tanking. Takk's good, but he's stated that he's not wholly interested in tanking. In general, I'm cool with Militia. He has actual raid experience, which would be a huge boon for us. But... it shows. And by 'it shows' I mean 'he has a tendency to talk down to us because we have no idea what we're doing'. He probably doesn't even realize he does it. Sometimes (really, just sometimes) it rubs me the wrong way.

Regardless, we're still not anywhere near raiding yet. We have no healers. And, while we could probably pug Naxx (or something on a similar level), the goal is to actually build a group for the long haul.

On the bright side of things:
I did manage to upgrade my wand. I'm also close to buying another T9 piece, if I could only decide which one. I'm debating between eventually getting all of the T9 pieces and getting the T9 4pc bonus with the Hood of Fiery Aftermath. Fel Armor makes it complicated. The 30% to spellpower from spirit makes me want to stack spirit. But in the end, a lot of pieces have more spellpower than the extra I would get from having the piece with spirit on it. And my felguard dieing so often makes me want to stack stamina.

Regardless, I've been picking up some small upgrades from heroics. And stocking up on Emblems of Triumph for the T9 pieces. And hoarding Ebonweave and Spellweave for things to make later.

Still saving for fast flying. Almost to halfway. Farming Violet Hold for The Mark of the War Prisoner. Building my enchanting oh so slowly.

Also, Batra got our vent channel set up. I was without a microphone on Sunday, but it was really neat to hear everyone!

Finally, upgraded my interface. It is much awesome now, although I'm still getting used to it. It's considerably cleaner. The main problem I'm having with it is that, when using the random dungeon finder, I can't tell who is the tank and who is the healer. Not a problem when you're teamed up with a death knight and priest. Big problem when you're teamed up with two paladins.

Social Night tonight will probably be running more heroics.

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