Monday, January 11, 2010

Small Progress

It's still not official, but our guild night is going to be Tuesdays. Either from 9-12 or 10-1. It's not perfect for everyone, but I think its the best I can do. Although, Batra did point out that Sundays may be an option. I didn't want to do a weekend time, but I suppose its feasible.

Batra, one of our council members, has been looking into getting a vent server for us. That should be interesting! I'm hoping he can also put us in contact with some healers who would be interested in raiding with us.

The problem I foresee happening, is that most people won't want to start where we would like to start. Sen and I would like to start with some of the old BC raids, just to get a feel for raiding. Especially if we manage to collect a regular group. I think it would behoove us to do some easy-mode stuff so we can see how we'll work together as a team. Of course, I haven't posed this idea to the rest of the guild, so we'll see what happens.

Ran a decent number of heroics over the weekend. Nothing from my list dropped, but I did find a decent upgrade for one of my rings as well as a small upgrade for my dagger. Made it to Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord, which was my goal. Now I'll start with the Kirin Tor for awhile. Also started the Argent Tournament stuff. That will be fun. :)

Purchased Mara's dual spec. Now its time to save up for fast flying. I want to be able to use that mount from H CoS when I get it.

Classes officially resume today, so time may be limited from here on out. I'm hoping, though, that I'll have something new to report at least once a week.

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