Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Last night we again pretended to be a leading edge raiding guild and pugged one extra dps for Ruby Sanctum. We should have had an all guild run, but my computer was on the fritz. Sen insisted I go on his computer while he fought with mine.

Something in my computer hates me. We've been fiddling with driver updates for the video card(s) and the chipset and the audio card for days now. We took the whole thing apart practically and dusted it. Applied new thermal to the processor. Nothing worked.

Today Sen swapped his ram with mine and I haven't had trouble since. Which makes absolutely no sense, as our ram is identical in every way.

Just reminds me that no matter how much computer science I learn, I will never know enough.

Anyway. Enough real life. I went on Sen's computer which has none of my addons. A warlock without a DOT timer is a sad, sad thing. I tried to not suck too hard.

We succeeded over all the mini bosses, though Saviana Ragefire took us a couple of tries. We were provided with fairly basic instructions and then completely failed to follow them. This becomes a theme later on.

Being on the range dps side of things, the battle with the third mini boss was all about getting down adds. It felt more like trash than a boss fight. The tanks switched off adds and boss between each wave, so it seemed to be pretty basic for them too.

Then, swoosh, Halion appears amidst an extremely annoying camera shaking event. Mord tries to give us the rundown of the fight. There's three phases. And you need to know stuff for phase one and you need to know stuff for phase two. Then when phase three rolls around, one group needs to remember stuff from phase one and the other needs to remember stuff from phase two. (For an actual strategy of this fight, try here.)

Well, apparently, we suck at phase two. Honestly, most of what Mord tried to explain went in one ear and out the other. I'm not an auditory learner. I can remember information I've heard, but I can't apply it. Nothing really made sense until we started the fight.

This is why I try to tell people my learning curve on a fight tends towards at least three or four tries. I can read strategies, listen to phase information, watch the videos of other people doing it, but it's still not going to click for me until I've actually tried it. Put fingers to keyboard and given it the old college try.

Anyway. Phase two. We die. A lot.

At around our 2 and a half hour mark we throw in the towel. I think it amounted to 5 or 6 tries on Halion, but we were all kind of worn out by the end.

Takk and I were discussing it earlier and I have to agree with him: the problem with Ruby Sanctum is that, unless you actually defeat Halion, you get very little out of it. You get a frostie from each of the mini bosses. And that's it.

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  1. Ram can go bad. Been there, done that, not fun at all.

    Halion phase 2 is all about raid awareness - as in don't die to the laser beam of death. It's a good fight and a new challenge with different mechanics. Not many guilds have downed him so keep trying. Just wait until you get to phase 3, get to split up, and then figure out corporeality (we used the rhyme, if your number is low, go slow). Have fun and keep writing, I like how your raiding and guild sound like a story in a book.