Friday, July 9, 2010

I can haz Alt

First, a real life revisit: It was not, apparently, the ram giving my computer fits. Me using Sen's ram and Sen using my ram worked well until about an hour into last night's raid. My computer crashed right at the end of a boss fight. Awesome.

I've been told (rather consistently, though I didn't want to listen) that it's probably my motherboard. Le sigh. It will be replaced.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled tales of noobraid.

We jammed a ton of action into Thursday night's raid. We did the weekly, VoA, and ICC. All in the same night. Crazy, right? It helps that we moved our raid time to an earlier slot. We're not as tired throughout the whole thing and it doesn't severely impact my sleep schedule if we decide to spend another hour rolling face.

Our weekly this week was Patchwerk. I was so freaking excited. You may rightfully wonder why I was so stoked to see Naxx again. It's because my priest hit 80 last week! And our intrepid raid leader allowed my nooblet Discipline priest to actually come and HEAL our weekly raid. Regardless of the heirloom mace she was still toting around.

Don't worry. Mord's not completely crazy. My healing partner was one of our awesome druids and there was another druid in the raid prepared to pick up my slack if need be.

Mord also let one of our deathknights assist with the tanking. I don't remember who was technically tank and who was technically off tank, but it worked well.

Of course, they had my awesome bubbles to keep them alive.

Hitting 80 with Aioka was a seriously great feeling. I have been hoarding gear for months; all carefully collected and crafted with a healing priest in mind. (Heinously ugly gear, unfortunately, but I guess you can't win them all.) Getting to raid with her the first week was truly icing on the cake. Also, Blade of Dormant Memories replaced my heirloom mace. More icing, pls.

Since hitting 80, I've also healed normal Forge of Souls and Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. In many ways, Heroic Utgarde was the easier of the two. It may have helped that I had guildies in the Utgarde run and complete strangers in the FoS run. I enjoy healing for the most part. Doesn't change the fact that sometimes its quite stressful. ("OMG, STOP DIEING.") I have some oh-shit macros for when stuff goes terribly wrong. One for single target omg and one for AoE omg.

I'm starting the long, slow gear-grind of getting my first level 80 alt ready for raiding. Or, at least, I will be starting the long grind when I have a functional wow-playing system again.

After the weekly, I switched back to Mara. ... I didn't really want to. I wanted to take Aioka to VoA - just in case something priestly dropped - and I wanted to take Aioka to ICC - for the trash pulls only, Mara is already exalted with the Ashen Verdict.

Luckily, nothing priestly dropped in VoA. To be honest, I'm not sure why we're still running VoA-10. I think all of the mains have everything that could drop off of Toravon. I mean, there's pvp gear that drops to, but who would want that?

I jest. I hate pvp and make no apologies or excuses about it. It was, as I noted, the end of my dreams for What a Long, Strange Trip its Been for this year at least. Ann, though, has been experimenting with battlegrounds and stuff so I guess it must not be all bad.

No, I'm sure its all bad.

Rolling face in ICC involved taking out the Lower Spire and Festergut. We also bugged the weekly get-both-disgusting-slimes-things-on-you quest. I picked up my last piece of frosty gear. Not much else interesting; it was a very good night.

I think our biggest hurdle to progression at the moment is simply people. And not the quality or types of people we have, but the number. I bet, if we could get a solid 10-man guild run for both Tuesday and Thursday, we could do some serious damage to ICC.

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