Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wait. We did something right?

Official guild night last night was actually very successful. I am as surprised as you are. All of our 80s were present. As was one of our much loved lower levels. :)

The weekly raid is to kill Patchwerk. This is good news for Memento, as we are looking to start raiding with Naxx. We figured it would be pretty easy to pick up the 2-3 healers we need to start on a week where everyone is looking to go to Naxx anyway.

Well. That's half true.

We did find 2 healers and another DK. All of whom were only interested in going as far as Patchwerk. Le sigh.

Anyways, I've seen NAXX!!!!

We don't have any problems with Patchwerk. It goes awesomely. We even almost hit the speed kill timer. And by 'almost', I mean 'we missed it by one second'. No really. DBM keeps track of this stuff for me.

We lose our three extras. But do we stop? We do not.

Militia switches to heals and Takk takes over MT. We head on over to the Plague Quarter and kill some stuff. We die EPICLY (that's a word. >.>) on Noth the plaguebringer.

It was superfun.

Although, it wasn't a complete wipe. Sen used his cowardly magely invisibility spell and stayed alive. For a little while. He tried to tell us how much we failed. Then he got too close to Noth again. And died.

I laughed.

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  1. I chuckled, in an unusual fashion of exploding my corpse.