Monday, February 1, 2010

Excuse me while I drop the f-bomb

Let me start with a warning: This is a post of anger and frustration. There will be curse words and finger pointing and general blame re-allocation. You have been warned.

Guild night starts up pretty normal. Sen, Batra and I are the only ones online at 8. No surprises there. Takk calls me to say he'll be on in 30-45 minutes. No big. I don't particularly care at this point.

I start the evening frustrated at my roommates after spending a large portion of the day fighting with a virus-infected computer. All I'm looking to do is to get online and to start killing stuff in the most efficient manner possible. The quests in Ice Crown are particularly useful for this. Hopping into a vehicle and man-slaughtering hundreds of scourge is a great stress reducer.

When Takk gets online, we queue up for a random heroic. This lands us in Drak'Tharon with Batra tanking and another awesome healer from Nazgrel. Remember the Moral of the Story? Neither did I when we started Drak'Tharon. If you're going to run heroics, make sure your tank is def capped.

Regardless, we survive Drak'Tharon for the most part. There's a wipe on King Dred. How or why, I still don't know. Throughout the instance, Sen and this healer have been chit-chatting and word gets around to the rest of us that he doesn't have the Bronze Drake from Culling of Stratholme.

Shall we do that one next? Great idea. None of us have ever gone through Heroic CoS without getting to the Infinite Corruptor in time.

Observe me while I eat these words.

In general, CoS is no big deal at this point. Even I can find my way most of the time. We're all on vent at this point too, even though my microphone is kinda wonky. Nothing major happens until wave 6. Batra dies.

Whatever. Takk takes most of the aggro, Sen and I burn stuff to the ground. Healer of Awesome resurrects Batra. Wave 7 hits.

On vent I ask Takk to tank wave 7 so that we can keep moving at a good pace. Batra, surprisingly enough, doesn't appreciate this. He's trying to tell us how we have plenty of time and he just needs to regain his health and we'll keep going.

I'm seething. We do not have plenty of time.

It takes two minutes - two fucking minutes - for Batra to finish healing, find wave 7, and for us to kill it. This does not leave us "plenty of time".

This clusterfuck of suck continues until Arthas is ready to go behind the bookshelf. We have 3 minutes to run the gauntlet of angry scourge and take out the dragonkin at the end. This is possible. Sen, Takk, and I only need about 30 seconds with a boss. We can crank out some pretty awesome dps when shit gets serious.

The gauntlet begins. Sen is arcane blasting scourge away. I'm sending Flaag (my fel-guard) after everything in sight. I have no idea what the dks are doing. We get to the first mob with elites in it. There is no sign of death and decay, or any other form of aoe aggro that means I won't get dps'ed in the face if I start fighting.

Long story short: we die again. Sen's frustrated that we weren't able to help our Healer friend get his drake. I'm frustrated that no one listened earlier in the instance when I said we needed to move faster. Takk is probably frustrated, but none of us know for sure because he dropped from vent awhile back. Smart man.

We try to rush back in there, but its a long run and Batra won't speed up and no one is communicating and nothing works well and we die again. And this time its my fault. At least, thats what I heard Batra told Takk. Heresay. That's what the guild needs.

Regardless. We're now out of time. So all that's left to do is to regroup, calm down, and finish the instance at a pace that suits everyone. Instead, Batra switches to guild chat and starts talking about how ignored he feels because no one is saying anything on vent.

I'm the only one on with a microphone. And I'm not yet convinced it works.

We finish CoS. We're stupid enough to queue for another one. A random one. Random my ass. WoW puts us right back in CoS. Fuck my life.

I pick up the crates this time, because I haven't before and I like new stuff. We make it all the way to AFTER the timer starts. And then Batra drops group. The timer is already running! Luckily, Militia is online to make my life better. He steps in to tank for us. Everything runs smoothly.

Militia reminds us that Batra is not def capped. Oh, right. The moral of the story. Damnit.

Ann believes that it time to have a discussion with Batra about upholding the rules we agreed on. The rules that essentially amount to "don't be a douchebag". Sen doesn't think it will do any good. I can easily believe that its a clusterfuck waiting to happen. I guess we will see how it plays out.

Good news:
I'm hit capped. Exactly 17%. Win.

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