Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Also known as "Beating Your Head Against a Brick Wall for Beginners."

Official guild night has, hopefully, become Raid Night. We started in Naxx last night with a 10-man group that will, also hopefully, be making the long haul with us.

It started off a bit slow. We had two healers from Earthbound Warriors: Glendalia and Adorynn. We pugged two melee dps. We wiped on Anub'Rekhan about 6 times. Our melee dps dropped out.

Glendalia found us two more dps from her friend list. Ayliffe, a warrior, sounded interested in becoming a permanent member of our invite list. Shadowhawk, a mage, was nice enough to join us, but has previous raid experience and is probably doing more interesting things than Naxx most of the time.

So, if Es is able to rejoin us next week, we will still have a 10-man group.

The hardest part of the night was working on our coordination. Getting your healers to stand where you want them to is hard. To be fair, though, Adorynn wasn't able to get his vent working.

After our initial trouble with Anub'Rekhan, things actually went fairly smoothly. We wiped again on Maexxxna, because our healers got shut out of the room. But we completed the Arachnid Quarter. And we're funny. We know how to joke around and have a good time. And we have an engineer with jeeves. So we can repair and sell crap without leaving the raid.

We "started" two other wings, but didn't go very far into either one. We were able to down Noth, but failed a lot at Heigan. Turns out our guild can't dance. This was another case of trying to get our healers to understand what was going on. Because they're not in our guild they did not have the required homework the rest of us did. Of course, the homework didn't help the rest of us a whole lot. Exploding floor of death got all of us. And fast.

Same story, different quarter. We downed Patchwerk, but were unable to tackle Grobbulus. It was pretty late by this point. So we agreed to stop and resume with the same raid ID next week.

We haven't done the big kiting fiasco that Gluth is likely to be. We'll do that with our hunter. You're welcome, Es. :)

The thing that concerns me is that, because our group is made up of people from different guilds, we can't require that they get better gear or do some pre-raid homework. Though it would be nice if they did. Not that they have bad gear or anything. I certainly can't talk. It's just a thought.


During one of our many regroups after a wipe, Senach requested help summoning a "table" and ported half our raid to Darnassus. Including me, the only one who could have summoned everyone else back into the raid without two people going up to the summoning stone.

Didn't we feel stupid.

He really confused our poor warrior.

Thankfully, Militia grabbed another person and went up to the summoning stone. I kicked Sen from the raid. By "accident". I really just wanted my character to punt that little gnome across Naxxramas.

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  1. This was pretty much the best night ever.
    And it's not the mages you can't trust. It's the Gnomes. Please do not give all of us a bad name. lol