Monday, February 15, 2010

Middle of Feb. Resolution

It's not New Year's... but its almost the Lunar New Year. That counts, right?

I decided that this year I was going to chase that year-long meta-achievement: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. I was going to stop punking out and saying "Well, I'll try again next year." If everything works out, there will be a lovely Violet Proto-Drake waiting for me at Christmas time.

Because, in addition to beginning to raid with my guild and in addition to leveling a healer, I needed MOAR stuff to do.

Fool for Love is going moderately well, considering how little I pvp. I snuck into wintergrasp and pitied a love fool there. I didn't realize each love fool was a one-use item.

I need to eat one more piece of candy. And make a few more charm bracelets. And finish pitying the fool.

And I need to obtain a bouquet of red roses, because I can never seem to get it in the dungeons. One group needed on it. That is just not right.

So, as far as I know everyone in the guild has been gearing up for Naxx. One of our dps may be bowing out because of a family commitment. We invited two of our friends from another guild to join us; and hopefully they will. We will need to pug 1 or 2 extra dps. Which should be... interesting.

Batra, instead of signing up for dps position, queued himself for a tank slot. Both tank slots are currently filled. By people who have reached the defense cap.

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