Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lootship is freaking Boring

The scene: Raid night. 8:00 pm. Raid is schedule to start in 30 minutes and I am getting everything ready to go on Marariel. (I will be PREPARED.) I buy myself some flasks, farm up some soul shards, and even fly out to ICC so I can be a proper lazy-raid-member-summoning warlock.

Literally minutes before we get a full group, our gracious raid leader calls for a switch. I'm on healing duty.

Clearly, I am failing at fulfilling my duties as an EVIL warlock (tm).

That said, it is your sworn duty as a member of the EVIL Warlock class to complete the Warlock class' one official obligation, which is to ensure that every single raid leader in the universe fervently believes that THE RAID WILL SUFFER A HORRIBLE FATE AND FAIL if there are not enough warlocks in the raid at all times.
-Excerpt from the Super Secret Evil Warlock's Guide.

Of course, I enjoy healing and gearing up my healer is very enjoyable. (Only 58 more emblems of frost until 4pt10! >.>) I mail myself the flasks - huzzah for both priests and warlocks nomming spell power like there's no tomorrow - and switch to Aioka.

The other half of the healing team was Hippy - our druid who sometimes chooses to grace us with his heals. The first two bosses were fairly uneventful. We get to the Gunship Battle and Mord glitches Saurfang so that folks can wail on the Mages, Rocketeers, and Axe Throwers to their heart's content. I throw bubbles at everyone I can reach and then... wait.

And wait some more.

And then Hippy starts to complain that there's nothing for him to do.

So I start really focusing on the health bars. They're not going down.

Don't get me wrong, this is good behavior for health bars. I like it. But we realized that there's not a lot of point to bringing two healers to normal Gunship anymore. (Why, oh why, can't we have heroic Gunship?) Like so many events in raiding, this is just another example of something that... shifts my perspective enough to give me a jolt.

It's certainly not a "lawl, I could solo heal this". It's a "holy cow, I can solo heal this?".

To make it up to Hippy, I let him solo heal Saurfang.

What? That doesn't make it better? Well, I did it anyway. This fight always makes me want to go out and GET DPS GEAR RIGHT NOW. Because if I can go 5.7k in healing gear, who knows what kind of awesomeness I could manage in dps gear.

This week Memento returned to the Crimson Halls (better known as the Blood Wing, I think). This is my favourite place ever. Sometimes I get to CC things! It's so exciting.

The Blood Prince Council was a very lucky one shot. Mord and Militia were tanking again and I was spending most of my time on them. Because, you know, it would be silly for the druid to tank heal. But towards the end I get thrown against the wall by one of those stupid kinetic bombs and suddenly I can't reach EITHER TANK.

I start running towards Militia's position because he needs more healing in the right now sort of way. I spam some Flash Heal and Penance and start to breath easier when Mord totally bites it across the room.

Now I'm totally flipping out. I spam heals at Militia with everything I've got and WE ACTUALLY MAKE IT. I couldn't believe it.

To fill out our group we pugged two hunters - neither of whom were particularly bright. This is important for the next part of the story.

I am equipped with the Blood Queen Addon (as mentioned before) so I get it setup and ready to go as we prep for the fight. We start with a bite list based on dps, when I knew - I KNEW - from last time we did this we'd have better success with a bite list based on who knows wtf to do.

We explain the fight. I explain the addon and how it will post raid warnings and instructions. We die. Repeatedly. People are being mind controlled left and right. This is extremely bizarre to me, because the first time we did this we just wiped. Now we're getting wiped by our own people. Eventually, we gave it up.

Note that is a direct result of not having enough warlocks in the raid. Clearly this proves that any raid without enough warlocks WILL SUFFER A HORRIBLE FATE AND FAIL.

Prospective Raid Leaders should note that having Marariel in your raid is a sufficient number of warlocks. You should not add more unless the alternative is a non-Marariel-sanctioned-mage. Otherwise, you may need two or three.


  1. Hai Evil Warlock.

    Yeah, those Blood Queen addons sound really good on paper (have you tried Vamp and Vamparrow?) but in reality you're going to end up with mind controlled hunters.

    In 10's, after the first bite, I just call out who bites who. And in 25's all our dps waits for three seconds for the one dps we trust to get some good aggro, and then we use a pre-set list with the good biters doing the biting.

    p.s. Heroic Lootship isn't anything to write home about.

    p.s.s. Keep the stories coming. You're a good writer.

  2. We normally 2-heal lootship but only because the healers have a dance off. The idea is to stand on the edge of the ship and dance ... the person first to stop dancing healing and heal somebody loses. Of course, if ANYBODY dies you both lose. It makes it more fun...

  3. @Alerexis

    Thank you! As a healer, I'm not sure I have the awareness to call out bites but we could try that next time and see if we have any better luck. I haven't tried Vamp and Vamparrow; I'll have to take a look. I'm sure Heroic Lootship isn't much more exciting but I have my fingers crossed anyway. I mean, its Heroic, right?

    That's awesome! I'll have to try that next time. :p Thanks for commenting!