Friday, June 18, 2010

Much Better

As you might imagine, last night's Raid went much better than Tuesday's. Ann, Batra, and I had a guild council meeting before hand which resulted in us being 45 minutes late for raid. We ended up pugging a tank for ICC, which is always an adventure. Our first several trash pulls were extremely messy. A lot of people had issues with threat. There was much dying by characters here and there, but surprisingly little wiping. And despite everything, we rolled face and took out the first five bosses in an hour and a half. We did Festergut, which seems to be easier for our group than Rotface.

Mord did an exceptional job raid leading last night. I think he had his best raid-leading-behavior on because he knows he's being considered for the permanent position. Oh, the prestige of leading Noobraid! I'm not sure how he handles the excitement.

In light of the most recent drama, and some other frustrations, the Council has decided on a stricter enforcing of Memento's rules. Notably the sections that basically say "You shall be appropriately dressed for raid" and "You shall not be a dickhead". Some of our DPS have been known to show up in half DPS gear and half tank gear. Or PVP gear. Or with strange enchants.

And in regards to the gear issues, we've decided to treat this rather simplistically. If everyone raiding that night has the gear for ICC, we'll do ICC. If not, we won't. If a lower geared member wants to raid, they merely have to ask the GM to schedule a raid more tailored to their gear level. Memento is extremely easy going. I don't think any of us have problems visiting Ulduar or TOGC or even Naxx again.

Mord bought me a shiny! Does me very little good unless I can get my hands on some Primordial Saronite, but Ann got a pair and I got to feel important.

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