Monday, March 1, 2010

Purps and the Outlands

Mara is officially on the purps train. No more blues left in her gear! Very exciting. I got my Nevermelting Ice Crystal from H PoS. As far as I can tell, it's been pretty amazing. More spellpower and extra crits on periodic damage? Yes, please.

Sunday night guild night was not exceptionally exciting. I spent some time with my priest. Aioka has heirloom items now, so she's rocking her discipline spec and mostly leveling through the random dungeon finder. I ran Blackrock Depths with her yesterday and got an amazing group. Fast-pulling tank, but I suppose that's what I get for saying 'Go at your pace'. Healing is fun, but kinda stressful.

Then Ann, Sen, and I hopped into a Black Temple pug with some other 70-80s. That's always an interesting trip. A bunch of post-BC kiddies running around Black Temple with NO IDEA where they are going or what they're supposed to be doing. And that totally includes me.

This also went remarkably better than the last time Sen and I tried this. We made it past Gorefiend to wipe spectacularly on the Reliquary of Souls. Hello, Devourer of Souls v.1. Bit of a mind-trip really.

Tomorrow night should (crosses fingers) be our second attempt at Naxx. I'm very excited.

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  1. i used to run BT all the time, woo~ Doesn't mean I really remember much of it though