Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have I done this the wrong way?

There was no post on Monday because I wanted to wait until I had something to say that wasn't: "This one guy in my guild did something that I considered to be full of douchebaggery and it hurt my feelings. Wah."

Especially since blogging about one's guild has been such a hot topic recently.

So, this post was inspired by a situation that a fellow blogger went through with her guild. The important, thought provoking post can be read here while all the details can be read about on her blog Righteous Orbs.

Many bloggers feel that keeping their in-game persona and their blog persona separate is necessary for the well being of themselves and their guild. Many don't advertise their blog to their guild for fear that something they say will be bring down the WRATH of the guild. Or, alternatively, that someone in the guild may receive an undeserved reputation because of what has been written about them in a blog.

Thus far, and from this perspective, I have been remarkably rude in regards to my blog. I make no attempt at being anonymous. I will proudly tell you who I am, where to find me, and which other people I'm likely to be spending my time with in-game. I frequently discuss our (mis)adventures in Azeroth. I don't have any qualms about stating who failed at what and when. Although, I do think I need to update the frequency in which I include myself in 'X failed at Y'.

If I didn't tell some of my guild members about my blog, my readership would be 0 (instead of 3). And I have no problems if these guildies feel like sharing the link with others. There is only one member of my guild who I might worry about offending. And he knows I love him irl, despite our frequent disagreements in Azeroth.

So my question, essentially, is: Am I failing at blogging? I recognize that, at the very least, I should ask my guildies permission before I start discussing them in such a publicly available venue. Instead of inviting some of my guildies to look in on my little corner of the interweb, should I have remained anonymous? How much does the situation change when your guildies are people you know and see everyday?

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